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Birthday Recovery

June 27, 2011

I have to say, I was going to update much sooner, but the update turned out to be a bad one and I was a little ashamed at how far astray I’d gone after vowing to kick some ass.

The sad truth is that today, when I awoke I weighed 201 pounds! I went above the 200 mark that I had so diligently fought against. It was not fun to see that big “2” come up again.

However, it has been the shocker I needed to get back on track. Today, I am going strong with calorie counting again. The past few days I have eaten and drank (alcohol) so much that I should be in a coma, but I am determined to get in control again.

I have to admit that eating greasy foods in excess the past couple days really hasn’t left me feeling to great. I am actually looking forward to eating less again and feeling more energetic, as opposed to bogged down and lethargic.

While this is certainly a setback and I didn’t succeed in achieving my birthday goal, I always say, you have to keep picking yourself off the ground every time you fall. It’s the only way to move forward.

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