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Brave Little Fat Person

June 9, 2011

I recently looked up my gym stats and found that I have been to the gym 17 days out of the past month! I was pretty impressed by this number myself. Still, I have been getting static with my workouts. I usually do about a half hour on the elliptical machine, and a half hour jogging. Occasionally I will include cycling (stationary). I try to get in push-ups and sit-ups too, as abs and arms are my biggest trouble zones.

I have known that I needed to switch up some things for a while though. I had been meaning to try out some of the equipment on the main floor (used for toning specific areas), but honestly, I have been a wuss about getting out in the middle of it all. With cardio equipment – treadmills, ellipticals, bikes – I know what to do. You get on them and go. With the massive variety of machines available for toning, I was a little scared to fumble around, not knowing how to work them, possibly looking like an idiot.

Today, I finally got over my phobia. As I was working out on the elliptical, I scoped out potential machines, and paid attention as different people used them so I would know exactly what to do. As the woman using the arm machine noticed me staring intently at her every movement, she may have thought it creepy, or that I was a lesbian – or both! But alas, after my cardio, I went out into the vast circuitry of equipment and got my arms working.

As I washed my hair later on, I really felt where I had worked my arms. It was difficult to raise them. Success! Maybe next time I can put my arms in a state where I can’t even raise a spoon to eat – bonus!

As I gain the courage to try new things and build muscle, hopefully I can transform into a Brave Little Thin Person.

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