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New Shoes – Shoes of Love!

May 27, 2011

So, my dad and I have never been completely on the same page about life, and especially exercise. I have been a chubbster since I was in diapers, so I used to hate exercise, to be honest! My dad would try diligently to get me into different active hobbies, most of which I despised. Once, he took me to a giant lake as a seven-year-old and forced me to jog around it. Afterward, we went to McDonald’s – to get only water! Meanwhile I mumbled beneath my breath about how I wished I could have a pop (or soda as I have now been conditioned to call it).

Lucky for me, or so I thought at the time, my parents were separated and I lived with my mom, who would give in to my every gluttonous desire.

Many years upon years later I have began correcting my ways. Obviously, I eventually realized that my love of sweets and grease and distaste for exercise were causing me to be fat and unhappy and began working out and taking responsibility for my diet. Ergo, this blog!

So, as you may or may not know I ran my first 5K race last weekend. It was a long-time goal I had been dreaming of and I finally did it! I couldn’t have imagined being able to actually run it when I was at 270 pounds!

Well, when my dad heard about this, he was thrilled! He is a very unemotional type of guy. As my mom and I have joked, the closest thing to his heart is his checkbook (of course there is some underwriting here I could mention about child support, etc. but you get the drift). So, while my dad may not have exactly said the words, “I’m proud of you”, I could really tell he was, not only from the tone of his voice, but the fact that he sent me a check to buy new running shoes and enter more races!

Today, I went to Rack Room and tried on nearly every running shoe in the joint. I was starting to get funny looks from the sales lady who kept walking by, her beady eyes scanning me up and down. Nonetheless, I came out of the store with a great pair of comfortable running shoes – a brand I have never worn before, Avia (any thoughts?). I wore them to the gym today and they felt amazing! With them, I’m sure I will run many more miles!

I knew that finally running the 5K would be a big accomplishment, but running a little ol’ 5K has helped me come a long way further than 3.1 miles.

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