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Everybody Loves Jello!!

May 27, 2011

The truth of the matter is, nobody really likes Jell-o.

I walked out to the kitchen with the biggest sweet tooth, hoping to find something that would fit into my diet. For this week of the said diet (as I am trying to kick-start things a bit) I am going low-carb. This eliminates all opportunity for such well-loved delights as cookies, pastries, ice cream, and bread.

Alas, I open up the fridge to find a happy assortment of sugar-free Jell-o cups. With a sigh, I grabbed one. It was better than nothing.

As I chomped on my artificially cherry-flavored, jiggling excuse for a dessert, I thought to myself, Now here is an empire – Jell-o – founded on peoples’ unhappy dietary states. The truth is, I have never heard anyone impatiently awaiting a “Jell-o fix”. I have never seen anyone jump into his or her vehicle at midnight to go get a Jello cup! I have never seen Jello sold in ice-cream shops or vendor stands. Why?! Because nobody loves Jell-o!

Jell-o is a mere replacement for what we all wish we were having. Lucky for the Jell-o company, there are plenty of chubby dieters out there looking for love in all the wrong places, just like me when I went out to my kitchen tonight. And ergo, the Jell-o sales continue.

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