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Officially signed up for a 5K!

May 15, 2011

So, I finally did it. I signed up for my very first race – a meager 5 kilometers to some, but a culmination of three and half years of lifestyle changes for me. It is next Saturday, May 21st in downtown St. Petersburg, which should be a very nice, scenic run. I had originally been interested in another 5K that was in Tampa, but this one was $18 cheaper, which ended up being the deal breaker for me. Here is a link, in case you are interested: Harvey’s 5K Run.

I have been contemplating doing a run for a while, but I just wasn’t sure that I could. However, recently I have actually ran three miles straight outdoors twice in the past three days, which finally convinced me that I could actually do this thing. My miles were around 12:30, so at that rate I could actually finish the race at about 40 minutes. This means that I will be in the very last 10% to finish the race (based on last year’s results, including 353 runners), however there were about 20 people out of last year’s results that ran it in

slower than 40 minutes. Please don’t let me be the last to finish!

On the down side, this week has been treacherous as far as eating has been concerned. For one, the Starbucks Frappucino half-off happy hour was this week and partake, I did.  I was also placed in charge of house-sitting for a friend. As re-payment, she gave me a $50 Publix (grocery store) gift card to take care of whatever groceries I would need for the week. While I did get some healthier items like sushi and pasta, I also entreated myself to ice cream sandwiches and soda. Then, to top it off, I went out for drinks on Friday. More fat fuel to the fire!

Luckily, I have been continuing to run every other day, which has hopefully combated some of the overeating and drinking. Tomorrow is my last day house-sitting, and I will weigh in then and assess the damages! One thing is certain though – I am running that 5K Saturday morning! 🙂

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